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Display settings are focused on the layout of the giveaway, specifically, when using the landing page.

Here is the first set of options.

TemplatePremium Feature. Gives you different layouts.
Page Layout?If checked, the landing page will use the header and footer of your site (if the theme is coded like that). It includes header.php and footer.php of your theme.
LogoYou can choose a logo to display on the landing page.
Logo LinkIf entered, the logo image will be linked so people can check your main site (for example).
ImagesYou can select multiple images here to display on your giveaway.

You can also decide how the background color and image would be. As well, there are options for images used when sharing on social media.

Background colorColor of the background on the landing page.
Background imageBackground image on the landing page.
Pinterest imageImage used for Pinterest when being shared on.
Facebook imageImage used when sharing on Facebook.
Twitter imageImage used when sharing on Twitter.
Twitter AccountThis is the account that will be associated when sharing the giveaway on Twitter.
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