Secret Code Action, Awarding Prizes & Entries Page enhancements – 2.28.0

With the newest 2.28.0 version we have included a new action, we have enhanced the entries page and we have also created an algorithm for awarding prizes automatically.

Here is the full changelog:

  • New: Multiple Prizes Layout. You can now show prizes vertically one after the other instead of the slider.
  • New: Report: Actions – show which type of actions are used.
  • New: Email Links now point to the page from where the user has subscribed. Shortcodes included.
  • New: Entries – The page is now initially filled with extra entries if there are any.
  • New: Entries – Giveaways Filter – you can now filter entries by the giveaway.
  • New: Entries – All Subscriber Entries – there is a link under each entry email so you can filter them out by that one subscriber.
  • New: (Premium) Awarding Multiple Prizes – you can now define how the prizes can be won and also chances.
  • New: (Premium) Awarding Multiple Prizes: Instructions – You can define instructions for each prize that are sent to the winners.
  • New: (Premium) Extra Action: Secret Code – You can add multiple secret codes. Those who has one, can get the extra entry.
  • New: (Premium) MyCred Hook: Giveaway registration – You can now define a MyCred hook to award a user for entering a giveaway.
  • New: (Premium) Notification Icon – You can now change the icon of the notification by entering a different HTML code.
  • Fix: CSS for Multiple Prizes slider. Dots were not aligned correctly.
  • Fix: Giveaway Value Icon changed from the dollar sign to a money bill to represent any currency/value.
  • Update: Licensing software.

Let’s go over several features.

Multiple Prizes Layout

You can choose the layout between Slider and Vertical. In case you choose the Vertical layout, the prizes will be displayed one after the other.

Report: Actions

Showing used actions

The report Actions will show you how much action types are used in a date range and also based on giveaways. This can help you decide which actions work the best and why.

In the future, we will plan to expand that to see the actual actions so you can see how much Visits for site A were clicked and also how much for Site B. Or which Twitter profile was followed the most (for premium users).

Entries Page

Entries Page showing all entries

With 2.28.0, the Entries page is filled immediately with all extra entries. You can filter them out by a giveaway using the filter at the top of the table.

You can also narrow the list down by clicking on the “All Entries” link under the email of each subscriber (it will appear once you hover over the email with mouse). That will then show all extra entries for that one subscriber (and the related giveaway).

Awarding Multiple Prizes

This is a premium feature. To award multiple prizes automatically, you need to choose the option to award prizes.

Depending on the type of choosing the winners, you will see different ways to define how the prizes are awarded. In case “Most Entries win” is selected, you can define which winners will get the prize.

In the image above, the field “Winner” has the value “1,3”. This means that the 1st and 3rd winner will get that prize. If you want to award prizes by chances, you need to select the type of selecting winners to be “Entries only give a higher chance of winning”.

When using the chance to award prizes, you can define what is the chance of winning such prize. If the prize can be awarded unlimited times, you can put the quantity as 0. If you want a limited number, you type how many times such prize can be awarded.

The “Instructions” field can contain the whole instructions on how to get the prize that was awarded to you. The text inside of that field will be sent with the email the winner gets for winning the giveaway.

Extra Action: Secret Code

The secret code action will give new entries to the subscriber if he/she enters the correct code.

This action can be used for any secret codes you want to have or it can even be used for answering a correct question.

You could use that to challenge subscribers of your giveaway to read an article from your blog or find a clue on a few pages on your site, thus increasing their engagement with your site.


The version 2.28.0 brought much more engagement for your subscribers and also for you as a Giveaway host. With the option to award prizes, you could have an ever easier way for awarding users automatically.

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