2.22.0 – Tweet Action, Field Types

With 2.22.0, we have introduced new features that you’ll like. Form Fields can now be created with various types and your users can also tweet to gain extra entries.

Here is the complete changelog of 2.22.0:

  • Refactor: Google+ Sharing Method removed from default methods displayed.
  • New: Shortcode can display images as well with the attribute images=1.
  • New: Shortcode will display winners.
  • New: Form Field Types: Radio, Dropdown (select) and Checkbox.
  • New: Form Fields included in exported CSV.
  • New: Email Notification on each subscribe contains form field values.
  • New: Share Link can be copied to clipboard with a click.
  • Fix: If extra actions are not available anymore, there won’t be any errors.
  • PRO New: Twitter Tweet Extra Entry
  • PRO New: MyCred Integration allows you to specify how much 1 mycred point will get you entries.
  • PRO New: MailChimp GDPR Consent option so people will have to check the box to sign up.

We will go over some of the most important ones.


Shortcodes can now display images as well and also winners after they are chosen.

By using the attribute images=1 you can display the images on the shortcode.

Form Fields

Field Types is a welcomed feature as several of our users have requested and asked about them. Now you can choose between 4 different types of fields:

  • Text – regular input
  • Checkbox
  • Radio – with options
  • Select (Dropdown) – with options
Various Field Types

We have also created another much requested feature; Include Fields in CSV export.

Now, when you export the CSV from a giveaway, it will use the form fields that the giveaway is using and create columns with field labels. If the user has any data of that field, it will show, otherwise, it will be an empty cell.

Twitter Tweet

Twitter Actions

You can define the initial status of the Tweet. When a user has authorized their Twitter account, they can change the status text if they want. Once they tweet it, their share link will be added to the tweet.

MyCred Entries

Before 2.22.0, each MyCred point was equal to 1 entry. With this version, you can now edit that and define how much entries does 1 MyCred point give.

If you set to 5 and the user spends 10 MyCred points, the user will get 50 entries.

MyCred Form

You can define that under Giveaways > Integrations > MyCred > Settings.

MailChimp Consent

Until 2.22.0, if you had the MailChimp integration activated and configured, the user would be automatically added to your list. Some of users requested if there can be a consent to follow the GDPR law.

Now, if you want to enable that consent, you can in the Settings of the MailChimp integration. When that is checked, the user will see a checkbox in the form. If they don’t check that, they won’t be added to the MailChimp list.

We plan to add such consent option to other newsletter integrations such as ConvertKit and Aweber.


This was a lot of work and I hope the users are happy with the new features. There are also a lot of new features planned, some more complex than others. If you have any features you would like to see, you can comment in here.

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