2.23.0 – Facebook Login, Edit Form and Reports

The update 2.23.0 brings some exciting features on which we will build new things in the next updates. The most meaningful updates are the Facebook social login (which is free), the option for subscribers to edit their data and reports for Giveaways.

Here is the list of all the updates:

  • New: Edit Form – Subscribers can now edit their data once subscribed (except email). New option, false by default.
  • New: Facebook Social Login – Subscribers can enter using Facebook.
  • New: Reports – Subscribers per day.
  • New: (Premium) MailChimp Group options
  • Fix: Actions could not be used in the site layout option.
  • Fix: (Premium) Aweber Name was sent incorrectly. Aweber changed its API.
  • Fix: (Premium) Aweber reset was not resetting the connection correctly.
  • Fix: (Premium) MailChimp Metabox list was not returning the correct list always.

We will go over some of the new features here.

Facebook Social Login

This Facebook integration is free for all users. I’ve decided to go with this as a free option so I can refactor the code around it even in the free version. This will make path for the other login features I plan to create in the future.

Once you create a Facebook App and add the App ID and Secret to it, you’ll be able to have the Social Login on the Giveaway.

Facebook Login

Since Facebook does not provide us with all the possible information you might need with the form fields, we have created a way to do that.

Edit Form

If you enable this option “Allow subscribers to edit their data” under Giveaways > Settings, subscribers will be able to edit their entered data. The only field that is disabled is the email field. That one can’t be changed.

In case subscribers have logged in differently and some of the fields, that are required, have not been entered, this form will still be visible and an alert will be given that some of the fields were not entered.

Edit Form


This is also included in the free version. I do plan to award my premium users with some types of reports but several of them are going to remain free. This version has just included the base of Reports and the following update will have a much better layout and a way for other developers to be able to extend it with custom reports.

Subscribers Reports

The current report is a Subscribers report where you can view how many subscribers have been subscribed in a date range.

The count of subscribers is summed per day and it is not grouped by giveaways. That’s another report to be done 🙂

MailChimp – Groups (Premium)

With the MailChimp integration, you can now also decide to which group a subscriber will be set to. If nothing is selected, it will just be added to the list.

MailChimp Groups

Currently, this is not enhanced with JavaScript, so whenever we select a list, we need to save it. Then we need to select a group, if any. Once a group is selected, we need to save it and then select a Group item (and save it again).

The same thing is happening on each Giveaway unless we use the default option.

In the next version, I plan to have a much better user experience here by enhancing it with JavaScript so everything will happen while changing the lists and groups.


You can already see some new updates that are going to be done in 2.24.0 and I really do hope to get it out as soon as possible. But with 2.23.0 we have embarked on a journey together that offers a lot of refactoring (and still to be done) and much better features so you can have more insight and even more control over your giveaways.

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