Version 2.18.0

We made emails better and also added some new features. Check them out in this update.

In summary, this is what 2.18.0 brings into Giveaways:

  • Manual activation of subscribers,
  • 2 Custom Emails
  • Active Campaign and Form Manager integration (premium)
  • Mailster Integration (premium)

So let’s go over them:

Manual Activation of Subscribers

In case you have the activation on and some of the subscribers could not activate themselves, this can become useful.

How could this happen? Maybe you have activated that option but have not included the link in the email template (this is also fixed with custom emails).

Manual activation with a button

You will see the “Activate” button if the subscriber has not yet been activated.

The 2 Custom Emails

This is an example of the email

The 2 new custom emails are almost the same. The one is that is sent to the subscriber when he/she subscribes (unless this is deactivated through an integration). The other one is when the subscriber requests the links because he/she forgot the links to view their status.

Both are almost the same and both have the entry, share and activation link in the table under the content you define.

Active Campaign & Form Manager

Active Campaign integration has been refactored so it now uses their newest v3 API. We have also integrated their custom fields with our Form Manager.

This will ensure you to have the same information collected the right way into your Active Campaign contacts.

This is available only in the premium version.

Mailster Integration

Mailster is a WordPress plugin used for managing your own newsletter. With this integration, you will be able to sync giveaway subscribers with your Mailster lists.

This is available only in the premium version.

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