Version 2.19.0

Simple Giveaways was updated to 2.19.0 and it now introduces Subscriber statuses, subscriber block feature and also specific Giveaway forms.

Subscriber Statuses

There are 3 statuses for each subscriber:

  • Blocked,
  • Pending,
  • Active.

By default, when a subscriber sign ups to your giveaway, he/she will have the active status unless you require activation. Then, the subscriber will have the status pending.

Only subscribers that are active will be able to win a giveaway.

Subscriber Block Feature

You can now also block subscribers. For now, the blocked subscriber will be only blocked for the current giveaway.

A future feature might be that a blocked subscriber will be blocked for every other giveaway as well.

Specific Giveaway Forms

This is a new premium feature. Now, you can have specific giveaway forms.

By default, each giveaway will use the default form. But, if someone wants to collect different information on a giveaway, it’s now possible with this new feature.

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